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Introducing The Magenta Penguin...

(This blog was stated in 2008 and further updates are detailed in the body. Read this blog page from the top down to get the latest updates. Visit our website for more Magenta Penguin news 24 October 2012)

Dear Bloggers
The Grade 2 class at St Cyprian's Preparatory School wrote and illustrated a book called
The Magenta Penguin. 1000 copies of the book have been printed and the net proceeds from the sale of these books will be shared among the following Organisations:
SANCCOB - Adopt a Penguin (they are aiming to adopt 27 penguins @ a cost of R500 per penguin)

TEARS - animal sanctuary for cats and dogs

St Cyprian’s School “…girl child in Afrika” - Bursary program for disadvantaged girls

For the first 1000 books, a limited edition magenta penguin
plush toy will be included with each book purchased and, if ordered directly from the following email address, the book and penguin set will cost only R100 (postage & packaging extra). Copies can be order via the SANCCOB or TEARS websites or obtained from the St Cyprian's School Shop.

Fundraising Targets vs Funds Raised - 24 October 2012

Thank you to the following people who have assisted with selling the book and/or promoting this fundraiser.

* Ginny Porter - Osborne Porter Literary Services * Di Samassa - St Cyprian's Foundation * St Cyprian's School Shop * Jenni Clampett - Grade 2 teacher * Jenny Mittelmeyer - Pre-School Equestrian Training (Horseriding School Sunbird Farm Noordhoek) * Leah Gluckman - friend & pupil at Herzlia Preparatory School Constantia * Venessa Strauss - CEO SANCCOB * Marilyn, Leigh & Jenni Allen - TEARS * Janine Genade - Boulder's Beach Lodge and Restuarant and the Curios Penguin Gift Shop, Simon's Town * Claire Ryan - Jane's Place Jubilee Square Simon's Town * Edgemead Library * UCS Staff * Pam Hansford (Physiotherapist Claremont) * Carol Every (School Principal)

Photos taken at the Penguin Festival - 25 & 26 September 2009

Penguin Release Photos & Video

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About The Magenta Penguin...
A synopsis of how this book came about is detailed below. Everyone who has read this story has been touched by the 2 wonderful key messages…it’s OK to be different (even if you are magenta!) and there’s always hope!

Basic story line… This is a story about a penguin that is different, in fact a magenta penguin called Siffira10 and covers one year in her life. Siffira10 is concerned that she won’t find her own mate as all the other penguins are black and she is the only magenta African Penguin at Boulder’s Beach. Fortunately she meets a wonderful life partner, Percy, another black African Penguin. They have 2 offspring, Wiffels and Wiskey. This family survives many dangers, among them winter storms, marauding gulls and “a death sentence for penguins”, an oil spill! The lesson in this story is one of hope, in other words, never give up!

This story will have many young children asking one question, “What will happen next to Siffira10, Percy, Wiffels and Wiskey?” It is suitable for readers aged 5 through to 10 and according to Tara is perfect for snuggling under the covers and reading. It is beautifully illustrated by the pupils in Mrs Clampett’s Grade 2 class at St Cyprian's Preparatory School, Cape Town.

Tara, the author of the story, got her inspiration for The Magenta Penguin from various sources. (She was 7 years old when she wrote this story.)

Why a penguin? – Following a class visit to Boulder’s Beach, Penguin Sanctuary on 19th March 2008, her teacher, Mrs Jenni Clampett, asked the Grade 2 class to write an essay about penguins. She showed them a video called “City Slickers” which is a documentary about the penguins at Boulder’s Beach. There is a website where clips of this video can be viewed.

Why Magenta? - It is one of her favourite colours and her penguin character in the Club Penguin game online is magenta. (See Disney Web site

Character Names – The magenta penguin in her story is called Siffira10 (pronounced Siph-era Ten (as in the number 10)). That also happens to be the name she used for her penguin on Club Penguin.

The inspiration to publish Tara’s story – Mrs Clampett was delighted with Tara’s essay and used The Magenta Penguin story as a class project to create this book. She typed up the story onto 27 (A4) pages, and only amended the punctuation and spelling. The text in the story is verbatim as originally written by Tara. She gave each child in the class a page to illustrate and Tara illustrated the cover pages. A copy of the original book created by Mrs Clampett has been placed in the class’s book corner. A real honour for Tara! The Head of the Preparatory School, Mrs Annette Woolley, gave Tara an award for her essay.

Mrs Clampett suggested having the book published and has been trying to source a publisher who would be willing to publish it. In June 2008 Tara met Ginny Porter of Osborne Porter Literary Services at the Cape Town Book Fair. She kindly assisted Tara to publish 1000 copies of this book.

(Registered ISBN978-0-9802693-6-9)

Please support this worthy cause! For more information, email

Marina Hall
pp The Magenta Penguin Fundraising Initiative

Some excerpts from The Magenta Penguin book....

Cover Page

Back Page

From The Magenta Penguin Fundraising Initiative


There are many people who have contributed towards getting The Magenta Penguin published and this fund raising initiative. Tara would like to thank the following people for their contributions towards this book and fund-raising project:

Osborne Porter Literary Services –

Ginny Porter for her gift of time as well as her kindness, encouragement, advice and assistance to get The Magenta Penguin published.

Zhejiang Zhouhe Import & Export Co., Ltd. –
Michael Zhouhe for supplying the plush penguins for fundraising.

Terence Warwick –

For providing the photograph of Tara in uniform.

Mrs Jenni Clampett & the Grade 2JC class St Cyprian’s School –

Mrs Clampett for her belief in the book and the Grade 2 class for providing the illustrations.

Cover Pages Tara Hall

Page 1 – Alexia James

Page 2 – Rachael Johnston

Page 3 – Lily Stelling

Page 4 – Julie van Waesberghe

Page 5 – Andrea de la Harpe-Thomas

Page 6 – Georgia Dix-Peek

Page 7 – Shannon Neumann

Page 8 – Elizabeth (Liza) van Heerden

Page 9 – Gabriella (Gabi) Szabo

Page 10 – Isabella Kuttel

Page 11 – Cameryn Aubin

Page 12 – Sinead Murphy

Page 13 – Ami Godfree-Thom

Page 14 – Milla Bester

Page 15 – Ella Staal

Page 16 – Olivia Stenslunde

Page 17 – Emma Marriott

Page 18 – Rebekah Solomon

Page 19 – Raylene Wraith

Page 20 – Jade Haddock

Page 21 – Sarah Slothouwer

Page 22 – Alexia James

Page 23 – Elizabeth (Liza) van Heerden

Page 24 – Rachael Johnston

Page 25 – Phoebe-Rose Street

Page 26 – Isabella Kuttel

Page 27 – Tara Hall

– Lina Kvarnback

This fundraiser has been endorsed by St Cyprian's School, TEARS and SANCCOB.

Extract from the Head of School Newsletter

25 November 2008

The Magenta Penguin of our Grade 2 students, Tara Hall has published and written a children’s book called “The Magenta Penguin” which has been illustrated by all the girls in her class. Tara is in Grade 2 JC (Jenny Clampett’s class).
The book deals with the issues of love, acceptance, survival and family. It was written after a class trip to Boulders Beach to see the penguins. Tara has decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of her book to “…girl-child in Afrika”, the SANCCOB Adopt a Penguin Campaign and TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society).
As a result, we have decided to have a “…girl-child in Afrika” stall at the upcoming Carol Services next week, where not only the book can be purchased, but also gift wrap, gift tags and angels for Christmas gifts. The key-ring dolls and other items will also be for sale. We would be grateful if you support this stall.

Quote for the day (with our fundraising initiatives in mind)
“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world!”
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Visit for more details.

TEARS put a link to The Magenta Penguin blogsite on their website - visit the Events page or link to

SANCCOB have updated their website and now feature an article on The Magenta Penguin fundraiser. Click on Purchase a Book to order a penguin and book from their website.

For more information email

Featured in the Argus@School Supplement -
Wednesday 19th November 2008

(Transcript of the article)
Visit to Boulders sparks eight-year-old girl's imagination
By Nathalie Rosa Bucher

Nothing stimulates the mind and imagination quite like a good read.

So after Tara Hall, an eight-year-old self-confessed bookworm, and her classmates went to visit the penguin sanctuary at Boulders Beach early this year, her teacher decided to turn her wonderful essay about the visit into a book.

The 27 pages are set in big bold letters that are easy to read, with each page illustrated with a colourful drawing done by one of Tara's Grade 2 classmates at St Cyprian's.

With elements of romance and drama, the story of a unique penguin, is sure to please readers between the ages of five and 10.

The main character - a female magenta-coloured penguin with great decorating skills, who worries at one stage whether she will ever find herself a mate - is called Siffira10.

Tara came up with her own way of spelling Saffira, one of her favourite dragon characters in the book Eragon.

With the support of her parents as well as her teacher, Jenny Clampett, a publisher was found who printed 1 000 copies of this unique book.

The proceeds from the publication will go to St Cyprian's "Girl-child in Afrika" bursary programme for disadvantaged children, the SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds as well as The Emma Animal Rescue Society (Tears), from where Tara adopted her three cats.The pupils hope to be able to adopt 27 penguins at a cost of R500 each.

To get a copy of the book as well as a custom-made magenta penguin plush toy, e-mail

The book and the plush animal cost R100, excluding postage and packaging.

Published on the web by Cape Argus on November 18, 2008.
© Cape Argus 2008. All rights reserved.

4th August 2009 - Bratz Magazine have featured an article on The Magenta Penguin Book and the work that SANCCOB are doing for the penguins and coastal birds. See Issue 29 Aug/Sept 2009.

October 2009 - Issue 64 Cape Town's Child Magazine included a review of The Magenta Penguin in the section featuring recommended reading for early graders. An honour for The Magenta Penguin! (Click on the picture below to view enlarged)

Where in the world is Siffira10?

Move your mouse/cursor around inside the game and the penguins will follow it!

Although The Magenta Penguin will soon be launched, several copies of the book have already been distributed around the country and abroad.

Where in the world is Siffira10?

As copies of the book are sold, the blog will be updated with information on where in the world Siffira10 has been distributed!

(The number of books distributed include those given to the illustrators and outlets to market this fundraiser. Sales at 25th July - 203; Books on consignment in KZN 17; Book donations to illustrators, school and marketing 57 - Total distributed 277)

For more information email

Fundraiser Diary

1st December 2008

The Magenta Penguin was officially launched at the Nativity Play held at St Cyprian's School. Some 47 copies of the book were sold at the sales tables. Tara and some of her classmates were there to sign copies of the book.

3rd December 2008

More copies of the book were sold at the Carol's by Candelight service held for the Primary School.

7th February 2009

100 copies of The Magenta Penguin have been sold!

12th June 2009

159 copies of The Magenta Penguin have been sold!

22nd June 2009

169 copies of The Magenta Penguin have been sold. Total penguins adopted from SANCCOB to date = 5!

25th July 2009203 copies of The Magenta Penguin have been sold. Total penguins adopted from SANCCOB to date = 6!

R9,480 disbursed among the 3 beneficiaries.

8th August 2009

* Bratz Magazine have featured an article on The Magenta Penguin book and SANCCOB!

* SANCCOB have updated their website Click on the Purchase a Book link to order a copy of The Magenta Penguin book and soft toy.

21 September 2009
* Cape Town Child Magazine published a review of The Magenta Penguin book

26th September 2009

* Penguin Festival held at Boulders Beach. Tara & Lilly met several very kind Miss Earth Ambassadors at the release of the Penguins.

27th September 2009
* Tara's second book signing took place at the Penguin Festival Boulders Beach. Thank you to everyone who bought books and supported The Magenta Penguin Fundraiser! Copies were bought by people as far a field as Austria and Japan.

26 - 29 October 2009 * The Magenta Penguin Book and Plush toy showcased a the GROOT CONSTANTA CHRISTMAS GIFT & GARDEN FAIR. Gate proceeds were donated to Red Cross Children's Hospital and 2 copies of The Magenta Penguin books were donated to the Children's Ward.

6 February 2009 - Milestones

Total books in circulation - 337

Proceeds distributed to Beneficiaries - R12,180 (approximately 28% of targeted R44,000)

Number of penguins adopted in the Ädopt a Penguin Programme - 9 (one-third of targeted 27 penguins)

6 June 2011

345 Books in Circulation. 276 Books sold & R13,030 raised for 3 beneficiaries -

Girl-child R6,550


TEARS R1,480

24 October 2012

Funds raised for 3 beneficiaries to date:

Girl-child in Afrika - R7,750
SANCCOB - R6500 and 13 penguins adopted
TEARS - R2050

Upcoming Events

Watch this space !

SANCOB ANNUAL PENGUIN FESTIVAL IN SIMON'S TOWN - 13/14  October 2012. Watch the penguin release on 13 October 2012!

Fun Games Spot

Use your left and right arrow keys to move the see-saw left or right.

Some interesting websites to visit -

*** Boulders the home of the African Penguin - some beautiful photographs of the African Penguins at Boulders and general information about their breeding, habitat, and so forth.

*** Boulder's Beach Lodge and Restaurant and the delightful Curious Penguin Gift Shop situated near the Boulder's Beach penguin colony in Simon's Town, where copies of The Magenta Penguin as well as many other penguin craft and curios are for sale. Well worth a visit!

*** Jane's Place situated on Jubilee Square, Simon's Town, a clothing store that has copies of The Magenta Penguin as well as penguin curios for sale.

***Save our Seas - AfriOcean Conservation Alliance - 6 More Sharks added to the Endangered List! Read more....

***Barbara and Peter Barham, a couple from Britol UK who describe themselves as very keen amateur "penguinologists", have the most wonderful website where you will find everything you want to know and more about penguins and penguin goodies...factual pages, species information, and there is even a section for teachers. There are more than 150 information pages and 250 photographs. Read is well worth a visit!

 will redirect you to

African Penguin News - 22/4/2009

21 April 2009
SANCCOB has made history by successfully staging a mammoth operation to move 129 oiled African penguins from Luderitz in Namibia to their centre in Cape Town.
On Tuesday afternoon, 21 April, SANCCOB admitted 129 dusty and tired African penguins to our centre in Cape Town after they had endured a grueling 20 hour road trip that spanned 1 300 kilometers.
On hand to welcome the weary band of travelers were SANCCOB veterinarian, Dr. Tertius Gous, and an experienced team of staff members and volunteers, who immediately began the intensive rehabilitation process.
This sort of rescue doesn’t come cheap and SANCCOB is asking all lovers of the African penguin (listed ‘vulnerable’ to extinction in the red data list) to dig deep into their pockets to help us to pay for the rehabilitation of these 129 plucky penguins.
The cost of the rescue is estimated to cost in the region of R100 000.
To contribute towards the cost of this rescue:
Go to click on the ADOPT A PENGUIN BUTTON to adopt a penguin for R500
Go to menu and click on the DONATE BUTTON to donate
Or contact Margaret Roestorf, SANCCOB Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator Tel: +27 21 557 6155; Mobile: +27 82 495 6339; Email:
Please remember that EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. We will regularly update the story on our website as it unfolds, so that you can track the rehabilitation of these charismatic creatures back into the wild.

Photos by Mark Wessels - courtesy SANCCOB

African Penguin News - 30/4/2009 (excerpt)

This is just an update to let you know that after one-and-a-half weeks into rehab - the Namibian penguins are doing well!

We have only lost two penguins so far. We decided to adjust our feeding and hydrating regime in order to give the rest of the penguin’s time to recover from their journey, and fortunately they all seem absolutely fine.

Yesterday, we checked the feathers of all the penguins – half of them were dry with no patches of oil and they will start their longer forced swims. The remaining 55 will have spot washes and we have the teams lined up for Friday the 1st of May. All the birds are down to once a day fluids, accept for the 8 weaker birds in the “Namibian ICU”!

We have hosted a wide variety of media at the centre and enjoyed extensive coverage on the radio, newspaper, online articles and television.

Thank you for all your support! Enjoy the attached photos – thanks Tertius!

Kindest regards,
Venessa & SANCCOB team

Venessa Strauss
Chief Executive Officer

Photo's by Tertius Gous - courtesey SANCCOB

Help the African Penguins - News 15 June 2009

From: Johan Horak

Sent: 15 June 2009 06:53 PM

Subject: Promoting The African Penguin


The African Penguin is dying and dead if you consider where they were and where they are.

I am talking about their numbers.

They are becoming statistics.

Because people are not aware of their plight.

I have created an online place at the ever popular twitter,

Go and check it out

How do you contribute to this public forum? Go to Twitter to find the email address to your contacts so when you have penguin news send it to this email address ....You can also attach photos to send here.

Publish this address on all promotional material if people want African penguin news

Add the email signature to all your outgoing email -

Email African Penguin News -

and visit

Warning!!! Advanced Users: If people have a twitter account they can tweet penguin news starting with @ispotpenguins and it will all be collected at

Do you have a penguin blog or website? Send the link via email to us at Twitter

Now that you have read all this you should know that the procedure will collect and promote the penguin cause in one central area.If you feel intimidated relax and ask how this can benefit the African penguin.

Johan Horak

Fun Photo Spot
Tara aged 13 months admiring the African Penguins (aka Jackass Penguins) at Boulder's Beach. An idea is born?... ;-)

Fun Poetry

Tara's grandad, Robert Hall, wrote this poem for her birthday some years ago. He had been to Boulder's Beach to see the penguins.

Percy goes to sea
Down by the sea is a place known to me
Where penguins are numerous, as you may see
There is Percy and Josey and Freddie and Mac
And Phillip and Geoffery and Thomas and Jack
There is Jilly and Milly to name girls but a few
And lots and lots more for certain I knew

Now Percy decided to go for a swim
And waddled down seawards, as was his whim
Into the sea, no waddle this time
But darting and dipping, a seabird sublime
A wave came along and over his head
And now he was under down to the seabed

Holding his breath he continued to dive
This way and that, wow! Now he’s alive
Flashing and dashing he looks for a fish
For his Jilly’s tea, her favourite dish
A shape looms ahead, outlined in the dark
On closer inspection he sees it’s a shark!

Too big for him, he swims under a rock
Meets Octopussy, that’s a bit of a shock
So out from under some more air to support
Breaking surface to breathe – that way is Port
A fish he just glances, there down below
And catches it quickly, his eyes all aglow

Then heads for the beach to take his prize
Makes his way through the crowd, then to his surprise
Finds his Jilly’s not there, so he asks around.
“Look” said Freddy, “how can she be found”
“Amongst all these penguins, we all look alike”
“I see her” said Percy, “Over there by that bike”

“My goodness”, said Freddie “it must be a mile”
“How do you know?” “I can tell by her smile”

© RJ Hall


26 & 27 SEPTEMBER 2009


Tara signed copies of The Magenta Penguin on 27 September 2009 at the SANCCOB stand.

The Magenta Penguin Books and plush toy showcased at the GROOT CONSTANTIA CHRISTMAS GIFT & GARDEN FAIR

26 - 29 October 2009!